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Baylor County Free Library

Library Services

Everything we do for you, inside the library or out

Circulation Services

The Baylor County Free Library has check-out limits of two weeks at a time. Books and movies may be renewed for an additional two weeks. Bestsellers and movies are not renewable after four weeks. If there is no waiting list for an item, the library director may grant an extension.

Reference Assistance

The library will:

  • provide information in the form of short answers to specific questions and guidance in locating material for patrons who appear in person, call on the telephone or request information through correspondence;
  • will assist patrons in the use of the Libraryand teach basic research methodology, when appropriate (this includes providnig help in developing a research strategy adn advice on whether a trip to the Library would be worthwhile for individuals who telephone);
  • will provide biblographic verification of items both in the Library and not owned by the Library adn will assist patrons in obtaining materials through interlibrary loan, when appropriate;
  • may refer library users to other agencies and libraries in pursuit of needed information;
  • may use not only the Library's resources in printed form, but consult appropriate digital resources as well as the regional resources library andother agencies by telephone in pursuit of 'ready reference' information.

With limited staff, reference requests may require a call-back. Local obituaries, death and birth records are not stored at the library. Banner Publishing Company houses microfilm for issues of The Baylor County Banner and may be reached at 940-889-2616. The Baylor County and District Clerk's office has county death and birth records. The phone number for the office is 940-889-3322.

The Library's Collection

Over 23,000 copies and titles are available for patrons' use at the Baylor County Free Library. Movies on DVD are available for check out in addition to books and audio books.

The library houses an extensive Texas collection as well as local history and genealogy resources, funeral home records from the early 1900s, Seymour High School yearbooks and many other historical documents. Yearbooks, funeral home records and some other historical documents are not available for check out but may be viewed in house.

Curious George Spanish Book    Amo Leer Logo - Color

Amo Leer

New to the library in winter of 2010 is the Amo Leer (Spanish for 'I Love To Read') Spanish/English collection of over 750 books purchased with a grant from the Priddy Trust in Wichita Falls, Texas. The titles include fiction and nonfiction for grades K-12. Click on the link above for more information about the collection.

ILL - Interlibrary Loan

What can be borrowed through interlibrary loan services?
The Baylor County Free Library will place interlibrary loan requests for books, videos, DVDs, audiocassette tapes, compact discs, and photocopies from other libraries.  However, it is entirely up to the lending library what they will lend, if they will charge a fee for lending the material, and/or if they are willing to make photocopies. Materials cannot be borrowed from international libraries.  Electronic resources and software cannot be borrowed from other libraries as well.

Are there any limitations on the number of items I can borrow using interlibrary loan services or which branch library I may use to check these items in or out?
Customers are limited to three (3) interlibrary loan requests/loans in process at any one given time.  “In process” is defined as requests pending, items awaiting check-out by the customer and items currently checked out.  As ILL items are returned by the customer, additional interlibrary loan requests may be placed.

How long can I check out something that has been borrowed through interlibrary loan?
The check-out duration for interlibrary loan materials is at the discretion of the lending library and when that item is due back to them.  For this reason, ILL materials may have shorter check-out periods than traditional library materials OR may be checked out for longer periods of time.  It will vary and is totally dependent upon the lending library.

BCFL will stamp each ILL item to let the customer know when that item is due back to the branch library and that the item was borrowed through interlibrary loan.  Customers must not remove this ILL identifying band under any circumstances.  It provides the customer with important information about the material, and it also notifies library staff that this material requires special handling. 

Failure to return interlibrary loan materials on time and to follow interlibrary guidelines can result in the loss of interlibrary loan borrowing privileges for the Library customer, as well as the loss of borrowing ability for Baylor County Free Library.  For this reason, materials borrowed through interlibrary loan require special attention on the part of both the Library customer and the Library staff. Customer abuse of interlibrary loan due dates, accepted conditions on loans or damage to ILL materials will result in the suspension of a customer’s interlibrary loan privileges.

Occasionally, a lending library may RECALL their material.  If it is checked out to a Library customer, the Library will notify the customer that the material must be returned as soon as possible to the branch library where it was checked out.    

Library customers may request a renewal on their interlibrary loan material should a longer checkout be required.  Renewals must be requested before the item is due and are only granted at the discretion of the lending library.  BCFL is unable to renew ILL materials past their due date without the permission of the lending library.  If the lending library denies a renewal, BCFL library staff will be happy to re-request that item for the Library customer from another lender if available.

Is interlibrary loan service free?
Baylor county Free Library makes every effort to borrow materials from other libraries free of charge.  However, it is entirely up to the lending library whether or not they charge to borrow an item or to make photocopies of their materials.  If the customer does not wish to pay any fee to borrow an item through interlibrary loan, the customer should let the branch staff member know this at the time the interlibrary loan request is placed. 

Baylor County Free Library will never continue with an interlibrary loan request with a fee unless the customer has given permission for the Library to do so.  Customers are responsible for any fees they agree to pay for interlibrary loan materials.  Once that item has been shipped by the lending library, the fees are still the responsibility of the Library customer even if the customer never picks up the material or tries to cancel the request.  Library customers are also responsible for any overdue fines that may be incurred as well.

Refunds are not given for lost ILL items that are found and have been paid for.  Customers should make every effort to return ILL items by their due date to avoid any late fines or payments for the non-return of the borrowed material.

How long will it take for my request to be filled?
The time varies depending upon the item requested and how many libraries own it.  It also depends upon whether or not the lending libraries are willing to lend it or if it is currently in use by their customers.  There are many variables, and it is very difficult to predict.  Materials borrowed through the interlibrary loan network can take from 3 weeks to several months to arrive.   ILL takes time and there are no RUSH requests.  If a customer has a time restriction, they need to discuss that with the library director to decide whether or not ILL service is the best method to get that material for them.   If a customer’s ILL request has been cancelled by potential lending libraries, the Library customer will receive notification by email or regular mail.

Community Spaces In The Library

The library offers no meeting rooms, but tables are available for up to eight people in a section of the library.